“Since I have joined The Training Project, I have lost 35 pounds through their group personal training sessions and their nutritional planning.   Under their nutritional plan that I purchased, I have a ton of energy and was able to lose the weight over 4 months. I am never hungry and I feel great.  The strength I have gained through the group personal training sessions has helped me with my swimming endurance as well.  I want to continue on this journey and see where it leads!”
– Denise V.

 “I first met Megan back in 2008 when she was a trainer at global fitness. I signed up for personal training with her and was so excited. Megan was certainly a no BS kind of gal. You are there to better yourself and to meet your own personal goals and Megan was always reminding you of that. I was put on an eating plan that was very livable and I didn’t feel deprived at all. During this time I lost weight, got in great shape and became very excited to keep going and meet more of my goals.

I can remember a time when I wanted to do a bikini competition. I texted Megan and told her my plan and that I wanted her to coach me. Knowing she had been very successful in her own figure competitions and her previous clients she had coached were also successful. She told me to come over so we could talk about it. After Megan asking me some questions about why I wanted to do it and what I wanted to get out of it, she told me she didn’t think I should follow through with it; that I was doing it for the wrong reasons. Megan could have just said “yes! Let’s do it!!!” And taken my money, knowing that it was a bad idea in the long run. Megan truly cares about her clients’ well being and health and will always steer them in the right direction, regardless of whether it will be beneficial for her or not. She wants her clients to get healthy the right way and be in the right mind-set.
Now here we are years later and Megan has opened the The Training Project! An immaculately clean gym where you don’t feel intimidated by others as you may feel in a regular gym. The workouts are challenging but are great for any fitness level. I love the variety of classes at all different times of the day. Megan and Teri both keep a close eye on their clients to prevent any injuries and are always making sure they get the best out of their workouts. Not only are the trainers fantastic, but the members are as well. Everyone is so motivating and encouraging, and it makes for such a positive environment! I recently lost almost 20lbs and can’t thank TTP enough for the motivation to do so. I love my TTP FAM! Thanks for everything!!!”

Gina D.

 “After many years of yo-yo dieting, trying Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, and any diet fads I finally found what “works” for a healthy lifestyle of food and fitness.
In my youth, I was always “thin” – very active and participating in sports and working jobs that required physical labor kept me in fairly good shape.
Once I began my career where I was sitting most of the day at a desk, the weight crept on and continued to until I was at an all-time high weight.
I contacted Megan Provencher at the Training Project after seeing this new facility open near my home.

Megan and I discussed not only a workout plan, but a food plan as well that coincided with my workout regimen and the importance of these components together coupled with rest.  This was a program that was designed specifically for me. Within the first two weeks of following her program I saw results.  After six months, I had lost a good deal of the weight and gained muscle and was well on my way to a better, healthier me.  I became strong and conditioned and started participating in road races and Spartan events. The work was not easy and there was sacrifice, but all worthwhile. I am now at a healthy weight, with a once again active lifestyle. Megan is professional and extremely knowledgeable about health and fitness, yet she is approachable and personable…..I couldn’t ask for more in a trainer. In addition to this, Megan has created an environment where everyone is welcome and accepted and encouraged.  The TTP Family has become part of me: they are my support system and I wouldn’t be able to maintain without them. Pictures don’t lie.  Megan’s program changed me and my life.  If you follow it and do what she tells you – it WILL work.”

Patti Laurent